We provide comprehensive legal service related to the restitution of property taken over by the Polish state between 1944 and 1962. Expropriated owners - who lost their land or real estates, whose businesses were nationalized, who lost property located outside post-war Polish borders etc. - can now claim restitution or a monetary compensation for the confiscated property.

How we proceed

First, we check the legal status of a property and analyze thoroughly the circumstances of its loss. We determine chances of recovering the property or receiving monetary compensation and we suggest the best solution to the client. We collect all the records relating to the property, owners and heirs. We prepare a claim and represent the client in court.

Our fees

In each case we provide a free quote based upon the information provided by the client. Our fees depend on the case complexity, research required, administrative fees, cost of translation etc. We start immediately upon receiving your approval of our fee quotation.