We can help you determine if you are eligible to apply for Polish citizenship, assist you with your citizenship application and advise you of the measures you should take to successfully obtain Polish citizenship.

How we proceed

First, we analyze the information provided by the client to determine whether he or she is eligible to apply for Polish citizenship according to the Polish law.

Then, we collect all the necessary information and documents to prepare the application (completed obligatorily in Polish). We also provide sworn translation of all the documents attached to the application, as required by the Polish law.

We submit a complete application, accompanied by the documentation, to a competent authority.
When a positive decision is issued, we can help the client to apply for the Polish passport (confirming also the EU citizenship). In this case a separate passport application needs to be submitted.

We also provide assistance to people who received a negative decision in the first instance and wish to appeal.

Our fees

In each case we provide a free quote based upon the information provided by the client. Our fees depend on the case complexity, research required, administrative fees, cost of translation etc. We start immediately upon receiving your approval of our fee quotation.